Club Life

Who said Enjoyable Clubbing has to be Noisy

Previously, the nightlife landscape in Washington D.C was described as mundane but in reality some of the best nightclubs in DC are world renowned . Compared to other vibrant cities such as Vegas, Miami and New York, vibrant entertainment scenes were lacking. There were presentable nice places people could rock their night away, but they were restricting. A few years later, a few people, led by entertainment scene promoters and nightclub owners in DC felt it was time for the city to shake off its old boring cocoon and revamp its city’s nightlife. If nothing was done to revamp the nightlife of the nation’s capital, D.C was sure to bag the award of being the most boring city, if such an award ever existed.

Taking clues from Las-Vegas, New York and Miami, the capital’s nightlife was in for reinvention. Using the stunning additions of electronic events in mega nightclubs in Vegas, the city refurbished its clubs to suit its class of visitors, offering high end entertainment and services to its clients. Hey, these were Vegas style night clubs in Washington D.C offering serene environments serving champagnes and vodkas in themed oriented bars and cafes. This reinvention offered an incredible and undeniable jolt of life into the once boring city. The city’s residents and tourists received the much needed fresh air in serene environments, with the best ambiance and entertainment.

Who said clubbing must involve generic loud clubs and splashing of alcohol across the tables and having to watch over your drink anytime, you turn around? Besides focusing on offering quality entertainment, D.C club owners and entertainers ensured that the needs of its clients were tailored to suit them. They ensured that sleek and trendy lounges offer a variety of services for their clients such that vigorous dancers do not have to collide with clients in need of a silent evening.

For instance, Ultra-bar Nightclub offers sushi bar and cocktails for the after work crowd and the DJ entertains the crowd with lively music throughout the night. Its dance floors are welcoming and do not have the generic loud music experienced in other clubs. With its divided sections, revelers are sure to wind away their evenings in the best environments. No more hangovers, stubborn revelers and annoying patrons! By understanding the needs of its customers, D.C has managed to maintain a classy but enjoyable way for revelers from all walks of life to enjoy their nightlife. Today, D.C has various options of trendy clubs and night bars where people can enjoy music without hardcore music banging after a tiring day at work. Evidently, a Las-Vegas style nightclub in Washington D.C minus the chaotic music scene was all that was needed to revamp the city’s nightlife.