Technologically Advanced Shoe Laces

Advances in Shoelacing Technology for Basketball Players

Playing Basketball and Basketball Shoes
If you are an avid basketball player or enjoy a few games of hoops during weekends, you probably are aware of the requirements of a good basketball shoe and one of them is a good pair of red shoe laces. It must have ankle support, it must allow for lateral and forward movements. But even if you have the perfect shoe and do not have the correct shoelaces, safety, comfort and fit may be compromised.

Latest Trends in High End Basketball Shoes
Without the proper shoelaces may result in unforeseen problems during a game of basketball. Imagine what will happen if the shoes come untied. Shoes that are untied can be frustrating to the basketball player and at the same time it could become a safety concern for all the players in the court.

One of the advances in shoe lacing technology aims to solve the problem of shoelaces that keeps getting untied during a game. Shoelace-locking system is the answer to this problem. The new locking technology can keep the shoelaces tied and at the same time it allows the user to take off the shoes and put it on in an instant.

The shoelace-locking system deals with the safety issue because shoelaces that are never untied also means that there is little risk of ankle sprain and other foot injury resulting from instability. However, there is also the need for a comfortable fit. One of the reasons why it is difficult to adjust shoelaces is linked to the friction between the shoelaces and the shoelace holes. Thus, the added innovation is the use of new materials and new design that helps to reduce friction.

Kevlar Shoelaces
Kevlar shoelaces are nothing new in the sporting world. Mountaineers were among the first high-performance athletes who benefited from Kevlar shoelaces. In the case of mountaineers there are so many hazards along the way that increases wear and tear to their shoelaces. Damaged shoelaces hundreds of meters above sea level can mean a life or death situation for the mountaineer. Thus, Kevlar shoelaces are considered critical breakthroughs in their sport.
Kevlar is the same material used in state-of-the-art bulletproof vest. Its industrial-strength fibers are so tough it can stop a bullet. Some sports shoe manufacturers have incorporated this technology into their products. The end result is tougher shoelaces that will not break easily. Therefore, players will never have to worry about carrying extra shoelaces in their gym bags.