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Hangouts On Air To Change The Online Marketing Trends

Google has changed the way the search engines work. Search has now got simplified and the new trend of online marketing has also started due to the diverse Google updates. Google Hangouts, for instance, has made it possible for the different brands to develop better social networks with their clients and consumers. It has further diversified the online b2b marketing strategies and increased the scope of sale on the internet. The virtual world of online stores is now gaining a new dimension, adding tinges of reality. Buying and interacting got easier and mobile all thanks to Google and other virtual networks. The article intends to discuss the latest trends in online marketing that have been initiated by the Google hangouts. These are being used by multiple Digital Marketing Companies in Reston VA and all over the country.

Fashion Industry
The first impact of the Google Hangouts has been clearly visible in the fashion industry. The hangouts of diverse top icons of the fashion industry that go on air have increased popularity of certain brands. Interior designers discuss the latest trends in the home decor industry with top architects. The discussion is bound to be popular as a hangout on air. It is a great way to redefine people’s thought process and choice schemes. A lot of brands owe their success

Restaurants & Cafes
Food lovers are always on the look out for some delicious new foods to try. Cafes and restaurants can easily use the Google hangouts to reveal the chef’s word on the most popular dish in a certain restaurant. A Hangout of a chef and a doctor may clearly reveal to the audience some healthy recipes in a particular restaurant. This is bound to increase the popularity of the cuisine served there. This increases the credibility when the chef themselves explain the preparation and health benefits of a particular dish.

Automotive Industries
Men are always the greatest fans of new vehicles and automotive maintenance. A Google hangout where the manufacturer discusses the specifications of the most recent brand and tells why it is better than the previous model is sure to draw all attention especially when intricacies of the engine and horsepower is explained. Watching a Hangout can have a greater influence on the minds of the buyers as it is audio-visual media, and yet not a direct advertisement that might turn off potential consumers.

These are just a couple of ways in which Google Hangouts on Air may help different businesses to grow. They can apply to almost any and every industry.